Batch 2- Module D -Assessment

Total Marks- 100

No of Questions- 5

Start Date- 28/10/2022

End Date- 31/10/2022 21:00:00 IST


  • Assessment will consist of ten questions carrying 20 marks each.
  • Answers should be written in your own language and should not exceed 500 words.
  • It is recommended that you first see the questions and prepare answers on word/notepad file offline.
  • Once you have all the answers, then press Start Quiz button to fill your answers in the form by pasting.
  • Do not use any style in word.
  • Only plain text should be used.
  • Do not press the Finish Quiz button till you have filled all the answers. It will not allow you to retake once submitted.
  • Kindly note that no requests to accept responses will be entertained after the link is taken down (i.e. post 21:00 hours on 31th Oct 2022). 
  • No re-attempt is allowed.
  • Pass percentage is set at 60%.


  1. Discuss the issues related to the use of sodium valproate in child and adolescent psychopharmacology in terms of- indications, pharmacokinetics, drug monitoring and side effects.
  2. Discuss the potential limitations to the use of ECT and other neuromodulatory techniques in child and adolescent population in India.
  3. Describe in detail the components of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
  4. Discuss the issues encountered in Certification related to children with Specific Learning Disability.
  5. What is the concept of emancipated minor? Give examples of its application, and debate whether the concept should be incorporated in laws related to children and adolescents in India.