IACAM Academy is pleased to announce the launch of Batch IV of its Certificate Course commencing from February 2024. Please note that we are accepting only 100 participants on a first come-first registered basis. Registration portal will automatically close after 100 applications are received. Subsequently, those who have successfully submitted their applications will be informed about the status of their Application. Payment for the Course will be asked only to those whose application has been accepted.


  1. To empower and enhance the knowledge and skills of practicing psychiatrists to assess children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders commonly seen in their routine clinical practice.
  2. To increase the manpower resource in the country to take care of child mental health.
  3. To expand and improve the services and mental health care for children in India.

Eligibility criteria

Must have completed postgraduate qualification in psychiatry namely MD, DPM, DNB, MRCPsych.

You are required to submit your certificates of MBBS, MD/DPM/DNB/MRCPsych and Medical Council Registration

Fee should be paid only if you fulfil the eligibility criteria.


Course is approved by the Indian Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

This certificate course is meant for professional enhancement and not for any employability.

Instructional Design and Duration

  1. Entire course will be completed in about 25 teaching sessions, of two hours each, on biweekly basis, over a period of one year.
  2. Teaching methods will comprise of didactic teaching, case-based discussions, active-participative learning, work assignments, group discussions.
  3. The sessions will be recorded by the IACAM Academy. You are highly encouraged to keep the video-camera on and actively participate in the discussions.
  4. Recorded videos of the sessions will not be available. If you miss a session, the pdf of the power point will be made available along with other reading material if any for specified duration.

Eligibility for accreditation certificate

Participants are expected to attend at least 80% of the sessions, where more than 90 mins video screen presence is mandatory and measured by the software and zoom recording.
The IACAM Academy examination series consists of 4 tests, one for each module. Each test consists of 50 MCQs and is marked from 0 to 100%.  To pass the course, each candidate has to obtain : (1) an aggregate score of 60% on the 4 tests, (2) a score of 60% on at least 3 out of 4 tests; and (3) a minimum score of 50% in the remaining (1 out of 4) test.  

A test can be repeated (once) if the candidate scores less than 60% in any (or all 4) test. The higher score of the two tests (original and repeated) would be counted towards the final calculation of scores.
Assessment will be done at the end of each of the four instructional modules given on the website….. (In case a participant is not able to secure >60% in the first attempt, can utilize the second attempt to ramp up the score within a time frame of 48hrs. Post 48hrs, participants can no longer give the test as the software will close.)

Learning Objectives of the Course

  1. To know about the common psychiatric disorders seen in children and adolescents in India
  2. To learn the clinical method and approach of assessment of children and families.
  3. To understand developmental perspective in child mental health and its implications.
  4. To learn about the common treatment methods and its use.
  5. To learn about the judicious use of pharmacotherapy, psychotherapies and somatic therapies in children with psychiatric disorders.
  6. To learn about supporting children with mental disorders and families in various situations including liaison with schools, child protection agencies etc.



Rs 5000/- have been levied to meet the administrative and logistic charges to meet the expenses on infrastructure, content development, website, cloud access, learning management system and administrative support etc. This is non-refundable.

Rs 20,000 will be charged as the Course fee.

Certificate of Completion

Course will provide a “Certificate of Completion” which is provided after fulfilling the Eligibility for Accreditation.


No certificate of partial completion will be given

Confidentiality and Intellectual property rights

  1. All the ppts, lectures, videos are the intellectual property of the speakers and IACAM Academy. You are not permitted to record the sessions in your device or system or further dissemination on any other platform  for individual or commercial purpose. 
  2. Kindly do not take screenshots and pictures of speakers, moderators, co-participants and further dissemination on any other platform without official permission of the IACAM Academy.

Application form for Batch [IV]

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