Batch [iv] Lecture Schedule

S. No. Date Time Topic Core Faculty Co-opted Faculty (to be confirmed) Module Coordinator
  10/02/2024 4.30-5PM     Inauguration of the Course (BATCH 4) Savita Malhotra, Shekhar Seshadri   Nidhi Chauhan
MODULE “A” Normal Development and Neurodevelopmental Disorders     Prajakta Patkar
  A1   10/02/ 2024   5-7 PM Neuro-Development, Developmental framework, including Attachment theory Savita Malhotra Nidhi Chauhan  
A2 24/02/2024 5-7 PM History Taking, Assessment, Case formulation, Interacting with the child   Shekhar Seshadri   Eesha Sharma  
A3 09/03/2024   5-7 PM Intellectual Disability and related aspects Satya Raj  
A4 23/03/2024   5-7 PM Specific Learning Disorders/Dyslexias Henal Shah Vinyas Nisarga  
A5 06/04/2024 5-7 PM Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Jay Ranjan Ram Manisha Bhattacharya  
MODULE “B”   Externalizing Disorders, BPAD and Addictions     Anurag Verma
B1 20/04/ 2024 5-7 PM Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)   Prabhat Sitholey     Darpan Kaur    
B2 04/05/2024   5-7 PM Disruptive Behaviour, Dissocial Disorders, and Impulse control Disorders   Chhitij Srivastava  
B3 18/05/2024 5-7 PM Bipolar Disorders,  Affective Dysregulation and related conditions   Satya Raj    
B4   01/06/2024   5-7 PM Alcohol and Substance use disorders   Anju Dhawan   Dr Biswadip Chatterjee    
B5   15/06/2024   5-7 PM Digital media and Internet use, behavioural addictions in children and adolescents   Debasish Basu   Shalini Naik  
MODULE “C”   Internalizing Disorders, Trauma and Psychosis     Nidhi Malhotra
C1 29/06/ 2024 5-7 PM Childhood Depression and related conditions   Prasanna Kumar  
C2 13/07/2024   5-7 PM Internalizing/Emotional Disorders: Anxiety, OCD, Conversion Disorders   Vivek Agarwal Pawan Kumar Gupta  
C3 27/07/2024   5-7 PM Deliberate Self Harm/ Suicide in Children and Adolescents   Pratap Sharan Koushik Sinha Deb      
C4 10/08/2024   5-7 PM Psychosis- Functional and Organic Nishant Goyal Bhavna Yadav    
C5 24/08/2024 5-7 PM Childhood Trauma, Child Sexual Abuse, and Family Violence   Shekhar Seshadri   Eesha Sharma  
MODULE “D” Management & After-Care     Shivangi Mehta
D1 07/9/ 2024 5-7 PM Psychopharmacology in Children-I: Psychosis and Affective Disorders (Schizophrenia, other Functional Psychosis, Bipolar Disorders, Organic Psychosis)   Harshini Manohar  
D2 21/09/2024   5-7 PM Psychopharmacology in Children-II: Externalizing and Internalizing Disorders (Conduct Disorders, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, OCD) Akhilesh Sharma  
D3 05/10/2024   5-7PM Psychopharmacology in Children-III: Neurodevelopmental Disorders (ADHD, ASD)   Nidhi Chauhan  
D4 19/10/2024   5-7 PM Somatic Therapies in Children: Their Utility   Nishant Goyal Chandramouli Roy  
D5 02/11/2024   5-7 PM Psychological Therapies (Counselling, CBT, Family Therapy, Play therapy etc) in Children-I: Pragmatic Aspects   Uma Hirisave    
D6 16/11/2024   5-7 PM Psychological Therapies (Counselling, CBT, Family Therapy, Play therapy etc) in Children-II: Pragmatic Aspects   Uma Hirisave    
D7 30/11/2024   5-6.30 PM Disability Certification and related Acts Smita Deshpande  
D8 14/12/2024   5-6.30 PM Laws related to Child Mental Health Care   Suresh Bada Math Rajendra K Madegowda